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Speaking Info

Carol is available for consultation, workshops, and speaking engagements related to her areas of personal experience and professional expertise.  She is an honest, relational and transparent speaker who engages her audience, asking them to be present and take risks.  She uses stories, data and personal anecdotes to take her listeners on a journey of exploration, asking them to view life through a variety of lenses in order to better understand both themselves and others.  Carol maintains that through such journeys people can move beyond limiting boundaries, experience personal transformation and develop an increased capacity to collaborate with others for the greater good.

Consultation Services

Carol is available for one time short-term or multiple session long-term consultation related to her areas of expertise.

Consultation areas include:
Developing Effective Community Partnerships
Developing Service-Learning / Community Engagement Courses or Programs
Developing Orientation Programs for Community Engagement Experiences
Developing Reflection Processes for Community Engagement Experiences
Integrating Social Identity Theory into Educational Experiences
Organizing People and Programs for Social Change
Developing Programs to Inspire & Engage Youth

Speaking and Workshop topics include:

Living and Working for a Just Society
Service-Learning, Engaged Pedagogy for Personal Transformation & Social Change
Developing Courses to Facilitate Personal Growth and Maximize Community Impact. Developing and Sustaining Respectful, Reciprocal Community Partnerships Community Organizing for Social Change
Risk Taking and Failure in the Service of Success
Schooling for “Success”
Faith and Social Justice – Aiming for Higher Ground
Civic Engagement as Means for Change — Within and Without
Social Identities; What’s My “Self” Got to Do with Helping Others?
Developing Critical Thinking Skills; Teaching How to Think, Not What to Think