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Courses I teach at UMass Amherst

Taking it to the Masses; Service-Learning for Social Change

I believe that essentially (almost) everyone wants to help make the world a better place. Most people would agree that they want to contribute in positive ways to their communities or to their country. Many of us want “things” to change. Having an engaged citizenry is essential to Democracy. But how, where and when canContinue Reading

Summer Session – Athletes as Mentors

Summer Session – Athletes as Mentors

Summer Session provides a brand new opportunity –  a Service-Learning course at UMass Amherst, “Athletes as Mentors.” The UMass football team  and several women’s Basketball team members are enrolled a UMass summer session Service-Learning  course. Gathering to meet as a class once a week, we cover material such as: Knowing the Community, Knowing the CommunityContinue Reading

Making Connections in the Community

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is meeting community leaders and building relationships with dozens of community partners. I enjoy getting to know them and learning about the program, their vision and mission.  Together we consider the needs and  opportunities for UMass students to participate in and support those programs. The connectionContinue Reading

Teaching Service-Learning Courses at UMass Amherst

Over the past decade I’ve taught a number of different Service-Learning courses at UMass Amherst.   One of those courses is the Interdisciplinary Information Technology Capstone, (or the IT Capstone) which is a year-long culminating experience course.  Seniors who are enrolled in the honors college all complete a course such as this one and compose a SeniorContinue Reading