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Creativity & Revitalization of the City

Recently I’ve been reading and listening to others’ thoughts and discoveries about the role that creative placemaking plays in revitalizing a city. As a relatively new resident in a former mill town, which is on the cusp of great things, I’m very interested in how creativity, the arts, gardening, walkability and community building all playContinue Reading

The Purpose of Life…

Entering a room for a meeting at UMass recently I found this message on the white board, left from an earlier meeting of people unknown to me: “The purpose of life is not to be  happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that youContinue Reading

“Do More Great Work.” It’s What I’m Reading.

I’ve just started reading Michael Bungay Stanier’s book Do More Great Work. While perusing books on work, life and leadership, I noticed a small, red covered, square text.  I thought,  “This looks different.” and then, “I believe the work I am engaged in is great work and I want to do more of it.”   SeemedContinue Reading

Taking it to the Masses; Service-Learning for Social Change

I believe that essentially (almost) everyone wants to help make the world a better place. Most people would agree that they want to contribute in positive ways to their communities or to their country. Many of us want “things” to change. Having an engaged citizenry is essential to Democracy. But how, where and when canContinue Reading

Summer Session – Athletes as Mentors

Summer Session – Athletes as Mentors

Summer Session provides a brand new opportunity –  a Service-Learning course at UMass Amherst, “Athletes as Mentors.” The UMass football team  and several women’s Basketball team members are enrolled a UMass summer session Service-Learning  course. Gathering to meet as a class once a week, we cover material such as: Knowing the Community, Knowing the CommunityContinue Reading

Stepping Outside the Box

I’ve recently moved from a small New England town to an urban home in Holyoke, a former mill city that is beginning to emerge from decades of post industrial hibernation and decay. On the bright side, there wasn’t enough wealth in the city of Holyoke for it to experience the “progress” of  the urban renewal decadesContinue Reading

Building the Partnership with Amherst Pelham Regional Schools

Over the years there have been many connections between UMass (students, faculty and staff) and the Amherst Pelham Public Schools (ARPS).  Considering the curricular connections,  these have often been partnerships between a given faculty member and  a teacher or two in the Amherst Schools. Frequently these are wonderful partnerships, sometimes spanning years. Not infrequently however,Continue Reading

Teaching Service-Learning Courses at UMass Amherst

Over the past decade I’ve taught a number of different Service-Learning courses at UMass Amherst.   One of those courses is the Interdisciplinary Information Technology Capstone, (or the IT Capstone) which is a year-long culminating experience course.  Seniors who are enrolled in the honors college all complete a course such as this one and compose a SeniorContinue Reading

Summer Community Engagement

Summer Session- Though summer is a much quieter time in terms of my involvement with service learning and community engagement there are some fun things that have been offered, like Circuits and Beats. Circuits and Beats is a summer outreach program that has been sponsored for 2 summers by UMass Amherst- Electrical and Computer Engineering,Continue Reading