Creativity & Revitalization of the City

Recently I’ve been reading and listening to others’ thoughts and discoveries about the role that creative placemaking plays in revitalizing a city. As a relatively new resident in a former mill town, which is on the cusp of great things, I’m very interested in how creativity, the arts, gardening, walkability and community building all play a role in the resurgence of cities like Holyoke. As I investigate this I’m learning about dozens of ways this is happening in the USA and around the world, so I’ve created a facebook page to post links and share the info with others. I’ll share things here from time to time but you’re invited to visit and “like” the facebook page as well. ¬† It’s CreativeHolyoke

This image is from a 3 day installation by Chris Nelson in Holyoke, Massachusetts  October 20132013_10_04 chris nelson exhibit

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